Je vais aller en France ! // I’m going to France!

It’s official – after four months of waiting after the application deadline and  an additional four months on the waiting list, I’m going to be a language assistant in France!

Way back in Fall Semester of 2014 I began the process of applying to TAPIF (Teaching Assistant Program in France) 2015-2016.  (I plan to write a few posts in the future with more details on the program and the application process for those who are interested in, or are considering applying) After 24 years of life, I had finally adopted a go-with-the-flow attitude. Irresponsible perhaps, but in the end beneficial. Instead of spending my final semester of graduate school networking and applying for jobs, I merely awaited news from the French Consulate on whether or not I would be moving to France. Thus, finding out that I was placed on the waiting list was definitely a disappointment, especially considering the fact that for the first time in my life I had no back-up plan; no meticulously planned out next step.

At the same time, I enjoyed having a few days off every week. I adjusted (maybe too well) to having only one job instead of the usual 2-3 jobs plus classes. While my ultimate dream is to live and work in Detroit as a planner/economic developer, my desire to travel and explore lead me to apply to jobs all over the United States – fortunately to no avail.

Shockingly enough, just as I finished moving an entire apartment and 7 years worth of possessions from Ann Arbor back to my parents house in Allen Park (something I vehemently denied would ever happen post-grad), I checked my email to find a congratulatory message from the French Consulate in DC, notifying me that I had been placed in Académie de Nice.

After a night of stress and worry (Is it too short notice? Will I be able to save enough money?) I spoke with the TAPIF contact in DC and accepted my placement.  As of October 1st I will be a language assistant in Cagnes-sur-Mer in the south of France.

Cagnes-sur-Mer in the PACA region
Cagnes-sur-Mer in the PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur) region

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