Les vacances de Toussaint // Toussaint vacation

After just one short week of teaching, myself and my fellow assistants were unleashed onto France for a two week vacation. Toussaint is a Catholic celebration of ‘All Saints Day’ on November 1st.  I know what you’re thinking. Two week vacation? You hadn’t even been there for a month! It’s crazy. There really wasn’t any time to get into a rhythm with my classes. There are three classes I was fortunate enough to observe my first week in France but most classes I had seen only once. I was certain it would be like starting all over again on November 2nd when we returned from the break.

Vacations are a time for exploration and adventure. While I spent the majority of my first week of the break furiously searching for and viewing apartments, I was able to break away for a day with some fellow assistants and visit the nearby Èze Village.

Eze Village

Èze is the quintessential France I had been looking forward to since the day I decided to apply to TAPIF – steep, narrow cobblestone paths winding through a picturesque hilltop village.


Much to our dismay you have to pay to view the gardens and gain access to the best views, but this did not discourage us from enjoying our time there. A word of advice: two or three hours is more than enough time to spend in Èze and leave not feeling as though you’ve missed out on something. Unless of course you wish to pass lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants located in the village. We ended up leaving Nice much later in the afternoon than originally planned which worked out in our favor.


IMAG0365 IMAG0367 IMAG0368

During the second week of the break, a group of assistants and I went to explore Parc du Mont Boron (Mount Boron Park).

Mont Boron

Overlooking Villefranche-sur-Mer, Mont Boron is just a short bus ride from the port area in Nice. The views of the Mediterranean from the bus were stunning.


After making our way along trails winding throughout the park, we came to a look-out with beautiful views of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.


From here we made our way to Fort du Mont Alban where we met up with several other assistants to enjoy the remaining late afternoon sun.

IMAG0506 IMAG0505

Switching gears, I’ve found a new apartment and will be moving in next week. They say hindsight is 20/20 and my experience with housing in France has certainly proven that statement to be true. Looking back there are a few things I would do differently in conducting my search for housing, but what is done is done. Hopefully my mistakes can serve as a lesson not only for myself but for others participating in this program in the future. I plan to dedicate an entire blog post to finding and securing housing in Nice where I will give more details on my experience.


7 thoughts on “Les vacances de Toussaint // Toussaint vacation

  1. This is awesome! I am traveling to France this summer and spending one week in Nice! I would love to hear more of your thoughts about Nice. I am planning to visit Eze as well so I am glad I read this so I know only to sketch out a few hours for it. Thanks for the post!


    1. Nice is beautiful – the entire Côte d’Azur is. You’re so lucky to be travelling here in the summer! A beach day is a must. Most of the smaller villages like Eze can be done in an afternoon leaving time for other things during the day. Feel free to email me at above206@gmail.com – I can give you more tips on Nice 🙂

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  2. Hi Alyson! These pictures are so great. Your map caught my eye as my great uncle was a painter who lived in Beaulieu-sur-mer and I’ve always wanted to visit! I’m just beginning my TAPIF application now and would love to hear more about your application process, getting placed in Nice, and tips for finding housing! Happy to have found your blog! Happy travels 🙂


    1. Hi Zena! That is so interesting about your great uncle..Beaulieu-sur-mer is a very short ride from Nice. Good luck with the application! I’m working on posts about the TAPIF process, housing and my placement but if you have specific questions now feel free to email me at above206@gmail.com 🙂

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