La cuisine comme on la connaissait // A little taste of home

During my first few days in France, I found myself feeling slightly overwhelmed and a little out of place. Surely the sleep deprivation, jet lag, and lingering illness played a role in this. My lack of appetite wasn’t as severe as it had been in the preceding weeks, and I knew that in order to get back to feeling like myself I needed to get out and start eating better.

I found myself wandering the streets of Nice after an apartment viewing, trying to get to know the area better, when I happened upon a place called Bagel History.

  1. My love for bagels knows no bounds.
  2. As previously mentioned I was in desperate need of some hearty food.
  3. American cuisine was just too comforting to pass up.

I walked past Bagel History slowly, staring in through the windows. The selections listed on the sandwich board outside were enticing. Yet I continued walking. I made it about halfway down the next block before I realized I had made a grave error in judgement. Back around the block to Bagel History I went. The American themed restaurant was just what I needed. The shop also has a small selection of American snacks near the register. How lucky is it that I happened upon the only place I’ve found in Nice to date selling Reese’s on my first full day in the city?


I enjoyed a delicious bagel sandwich while people-watching at Place Masséna. I recommend Bagel History to anyone in Nice looking for a healthy dose of carbs and home.


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