Le bon, le mauvais, et le pire // The good, the bad, and the ugly

This post is a work in progress, comprised of my random experiences and observations throughout day to day life in France.

The Good

Herbs de Provence


The best Greek yogurt I’ve ever eaten

Pain au chocolate

Warm baguettes


(Are we noticing a theme here…)

300+ days of sunshine per year

Reliable public transportation

The Bad

French keyboards. I don’t think I’ll ever stop mixing up the q, a, w and z keys. And while we’re at it, why on earth would you force a person to press shift in order to use a period? The period is one of the most commonly used forms of punctuation!!

Road rage. You think it’s bad in Michigan? Come to France. This is coming from someone who is quite fond of laying on the horn.

Slow walkers

Old slow walkers with old slow walking dogs commandeering the entire sidewalk

The Ugly

Mystery water dripping off of buildings onto my face

Dog poop everywhere

Dog pee everywhere

Bonus Category: The Bizarre

Colored toilet paper

Grey. Blue. Pink. So weird.

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