Du jour au lendemain // Cold turkey

Something interesting happened when I arrived in France. My coffee addiction disappeared. Immediately.

I vividly remember the first time I drank coffee. I had spent the night at my best friend’s house and found myself heading downstairs to the kitchen after waking up early. I sat down to eat breakfast and her mother offered me some coffee. I accepted, and while it wasn’t the most appealing thing I had ever drank, (I was very young after all) it wasn’t bad! I’m certain there was a significant amount of cream in the coffee as well but we have to start somewhere right?

I also vividly remember the summer I finally became addicted to coffee. After 13 years of drinking coffee casually I became a bona-fide coffee addict; one among a legion of people who cannot function properly without it. Daily Starbucks espresso drinks will get you more than the occasional free beverage from your favorite barista.

As it turns out, all it takes to kick the habit is a change of time zone. My first week in France I was staying in an Airbnb with a very small kitchen and  Nespresso machine (think France’s version of the Keurig)  that I had no idea how to work. I thought to myself that instead of making my coffee each morning as I would usually do at home, I would just get coffee to go while I was out each day. This didn’t happen. Stopping at a café in France usually entails drinking your coffee there. Furthermore, the portion sizes are much smaller because the coffee is normally brewed espresso-style.  Despite my lack of caffeine, I realized that I was also lacking something else – headaches and the inexplicable (up until I realized I hadn’t had my coffee) early afternoon mood swings.

I am both shocked and amazed that my coffee addiction disappeared overnight. My new apartment has a coffee maker and I am torn. Do I choose not to mess with a good thing, or do I give in to temptation and brew a large pot of coffee? Only time will tell.


2 thoughts on “Du jour au lendemain // Cold turkey

  1. dad

    I say leave the coffee alone. If you feel you need a pick me up, have a piece of chocolate ~ you like dark chocolate. All of your mugs can be used for tea and hot chocolate.

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