Dans la cuisine // In the kitchen [Part 1]

I love to cook. And while most days I am a creature of habit, I do enjoy branching out and trying new recipes. I also enjoy photographing my food when I think it looks particularly appealing.

I was initially concerned about not being able to find my staples in French supermarkets, but I’ve found that aside from one or two items and a few initial oddities, I have had no trouble at all.

I have even come across a few pleasant surprises. Perhaps the best of these is the Greek yogurt. I love Greek yogurt. In fact, it is the only type of yogurt I eat. At home in the States I buy Chobani and nothing else, so you can imagine my concern knowing that I wouldn’t be able to find this brand in France. I never thought I would say this but I am beyond thankful for that fact. Greek yogurt in France is one hundred times better than anything in the US! I can only imagine how heavenly it must taste in Greece. I would pay ungodly amounts of money to have this yogurt shipped to me in Michigan.

Which brings us to my breakfast of choice #1:


Yaourt à la Grecque sur lit aux Mûres (Greek yogurt with berries on the bottom), Muesli Croustillant 4 noix (the best granola ever with the best nuts ever; I’m hazelnut obsessed), une banane (a banana), et des framboises et fraises frais (fresh raspberries and strawberries).

At home I would normally forego the granola and only add raw almonds, but if you can believe it, the cost of raw nuts in France is even worse than in the US.

Breakfast of choice #2:


Omelette aux légumes (veggie omelet). Bell peppers, red or white onion, occasionally some tomato, and copious amounts of feta cheese with a side of 6 grain toast.

My first foray into buying eggs in France was an interesting one. Eggs here are not refrigerated and I have yet to see anything but brown eggs. I was wary about eating an unrefrigerated brown egg (yes I know people eat brown eggs all the time), but aside from the fact that the yolk is more orange than yellow, I found no real difference from the eggs I’m used to.

Next time on Cooking with Alyson, Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese! Let’s hope it goes better than my first attempt at baked eggplant did last night.


6 thoughts on “Dans la cuisine // In the kitchen [Part 1]

  1. Aunt Sandy

    Alyson … Sounds great! Brown eggs are very good for you. I LOVE. Greek Yougart … And nuts … Well good choice for just about anything. Suggestion for your butternut sqush….peel cut in small cubes. Sautéed in olive oil until golden brown (salt and pepper when cooking) . Serve over a nice pasta with some olive olive oil ( a little thick balsamic vinegar if you like) AND too with some chopped walnuts (or any other). It is SOOOO YUMMY!!!!!

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