Musée Picasso, Antibes // Picasso Museum, Antibes

At the beginning of November the Picasso Museum in Antibes offered free entry for a week. Myself along with several other assistants met up to visit the museum and spend the day in Antibes. The weather was beautiful – mid 70s and amazingly sunny. I could get used to avoiding Michigan winters. Antibes, a city on the Mediterranean, is just a 20 minute train ride west of Nice. Antibes has a long history, dating back to the 5th century when the Greeks established a trading post in this location and dubbed it Antipolis.

Upon arriving in Antibes and exiting the train station, we spotted the port between two buildings. I love all things nautical so I was excited to head in the direction of the port to check it out. My friend and I had arrived early so we had some time to kill before meeting up with the other assistants. Luckily the port was on the way to the museum so we were headed in the right direction.

After some time (not nearly long enough) spent admiring the yachts docked in Port Vauban, we made our way along the coast to the Picasso Museum. En route, we passed a beautiful sand beach in a cove that left us regretting not bringing our bathing suits with us.


The Picasso Museum is housed in Château Grimaldi, which was built upon the foundations of ancient Antipolis. In 1946, Picasso used space in the Château as an atelier or studio. Here we met up with several other assistants and went inside to explore the museum.

Seeing some of the paintings and ceramics completed by Picasso was an amazing experience. I recalled studying Picasso in my 7th grade art class and thought about the Picasso-inspired artwork I had created. The atmosphere of the museum was perhaps the most memorable part. The Château is perched at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, of which the windows throughout the gallery offer beautiful views. It is easy to look at the pictures taken of Picasso with his paintings in that very building, and envision him working there.

By far the best part of the museum is the terrace overlooking the sea. I spent nearly an hour outside enjoying the sun and could have stayed there all day. We were soon very hungry and began the walk back down to the central city to find a café where we could enjoy lunch outside.

Earlier in the day a massive sculpture of a man had caught our eye from a distance. After lunch we decided to make our way over to the sculpture, located on the opposite side of the port along the sea. The trek around the port (for the umpteenth time that day) and up a steep walkway to the top of the rampart was well worth it.


A return visit to Antibes is definitely in order. We failed to visit the fort and that beach is calling my name.



4 thoughts on “Musée Picasso, Antibes // Picasso Museum, Antibes

  1. mom

    Did you have anything on you to carve your name in the tree? I think you should leave your mark on the world (I don’t think that it will be defacing it since it looks like people have already done that). Also, I would love to see that statue made out of letters.


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