Dans la cuisine // In the kitchen [Part 3]

A summer salad in November:


After pasta, salad is one of my absolute favorite foods. My go-to salad as a kid was simply lettuce, cucumber, and garlic powder. These days I like to spice things up a bit.

For the salad shown here I trimmed, seasoned (herbes de provence and garlic powder), and baked chicken breast. While the chicken was cooking I sliced red grapes, strawberries, cucumbers, and red onion.

Usually I eat romaine lettuce but recently I have been buying heads of baby bibb lettuce, which is what I used here.

Once the chicken was done I added it to the salad and topped it off with copious amounts of feta. Oddly enough for someone who isn’t so fond of cheese, I can never get enough feta.

I always use olive oil and balsamic vinager as my dressing. I came across a pleasant surprise in my cupboard one day – a thicker, sweeter balsamic vinager (Velours de Balsamique) that has made a delicious addition to several different meals I’ve made.

One such meal is the bruschetta I made for an afternoon snack.


Bruschetta, and its cousin the Caprese salad, are two more favorites of mine. They are both quick and simple yet delicious snacks or appetizers.

Slice a fresh, warm baguette and brush it with olive oil.

Slice a mozzarella ball and dice a tomato. Top the baguette slices then drizzle with oil, balsamic vinager and Italian-style spices.

Bon Appétit!


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