Le Jeu // The Game

It’s more than just a game. It’s The Game. Sports have a way of uniting people. Even when two groups of fans are divided by something as grand as the greatest rivalry in college football, which also happens to be one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports, we are brought together by the history, the tradition, the emotion, and the passion surrounding these games.

I remember every Michigan-Ohio State game I have ever seen. I remember sneaking peeks at the field while working the concession stand at the game years before I even dreamed of becoming a Wolverine. I remember rushing the field and getting separated from my friends in the absolute chaos and elation after our 40-34 victory in 2011. I also remember holding back tears standing next to my father after our heartbreaking 42-41 loss in 2013. I remember staring at the field in utter desolation, only to turn my head to see the guy next to me with tears pouring down his face.

On game day we are all family, riding the emotional rollercoaster together. Whether your football of choice is black and white or brown with white laces, you understand the power these games have to forge connections and create common ground amongst people from all over the world.

Facing the majority of this season alone has been difficult and today’s game is by far the hardest to miss. If you find yourself thinking that I’m a little obsessed, you are correct. That’s because my Alma mater is the best University in the world. Forever Go Blue #BeatOSU




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