Les statues de la France// Statues of France

Like any place with a rich and venerable history, France has its fair share of statues. And like any new-comer in such a place, I snap photos of almost every statue I see. If it is worth taking the time to carve someones likeness out of stone, it is surely worth taking the time to photograph and remember these persons and their contributions (good and bad) to society.

“Marie” by Jean-Philippe Richard

As stated on the plaque, this statue represents femininity, the head turned towards the starts with the feet anchored in the earth. She represents the connection between the symbolic and the real world, and she remains humble and reassuring in a tough and instable world. This statue is located in Èze Village.

André Masséna by Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse

This statue pays tribute to André Masséna, a Marshal, Prince of Essling, and Duke of Rivoli. The statue was unveiled in 1869 and can be found in the Jardin Masséna in Nice.

Ama d’Èze by Amaryllis

This part-human part-mermaid statue is located in Èze, below the hilltop village. It was created as part of the Amaryllis Art for Charity project, which aims to place similar statues in prominent locations near water. The statue represents a creature of the sea that has come onto land to alert mankind to the harm we are doing to the aquatic environment, and to remind us of the importance of water.


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