Nous y sommes arrivés // We made it !

We have finally reached the end of National Blog Posting Month! Writing and posting every day has been difficult, as I expected. At the same time it was fun and worthwhile.

I don’t envision myself posting every day in December but perhaps this past month was what I needed to get in the habit of posting much more regularly.

They say you learn something new every day. Today I learned that no matter how many months it has been, banking in France will never be easy. I received two separate letters from my bank today. The first stated that they still have not received my completed W9 required by the IRS. They even included another copy of the blank form! Too bad I filled out the W9 and mailed it in weeks ago. The second letter stated that my checks have been waiting at the bank since October 14th and if I don’t pick them up by the 23rd of December, I will be charged 7,50 € per check for my bank to destroy them…. uhh okay? Maybe any one of the 20 times I’ve been in the bank I could have been informed that I had checks there to be picked up. Or perhaps any one of the times I have exchanged emails with my conseiller he could have told me the checks had arrived. Of course my bank is closed on Mondays so I wasn’t able to go in and take care of any of this today. And to top it all off, I have been trying, unsuccessfully, for over a month to log into my account online (hence the multiple emails exchanged with my conseiller).

At least my bank card works and I got paid today. Silver linings.


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