Si on prenait un café 2/4/2016 // If we were having coffee 4/2/2016

This is my first foray into weekend coffee share. Here goes nothing!

If we were having coffee I would tell you about the things that have been weighing on my mind lately. I’d begin after offering you a cup of strongly brewed coffee and some chocolates of course.

I’m currently on vacation (again) and once we come back I’ll only have two weeks of teaching left before my TAPIF contract is up. Where has the time gone?! I think back on my first week, and my first month, in France quite often. Every time I reflect on that period of time it seems like an entire lifetime ago and a world away from where I am now.

While I’m excited to visit family and friends that I haven’t seen since last year, in no way am I ready to leave France. If I could go back to day one, and not change a thing, just to live it all over again, I would. Despite the difficulties and the ridiculousness that life in France can sometimes be, I have really come to enjoy living here. There is so much I’m going to miss when I leave, but we can save all of that for our next chat!


6 thoughts on “Si on prenait un café 2/4/2016 // If we were having coffee 4/2/2016

    1. I can extend the contract for another year and request a different area, but finanacially right now it’s not the best idea. I have student loans waiting for me back in the States. My plan is to head back to the US for a while then return to France as soon as possible!


  1. Sandy

    Time has flown by! Well now you know the ropes and going back will be a piece of cake when you are ready to do that! Enjoy the rest if your time there Aly!

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