Cinque Terre, Italie // Cinque Terre, Italy [Part 3]

For our final day in Cinque Terre we hiked from Vernazza to Monterosso. This 3 km portion of the Sentiero No. 2 (the footpath connecting the 5 villages) is the most challenging. I have to say completing the hike was worth the challenge. As I previously mentioned, the control points at either end of the trail aren’t manned in the off season, so we were able to hike without paying for entrance. I would still recommend paying for the pass during the spring/summer months though. The views of the coast and the five villages were absolutely beautiful.

We took the train from La Spezia to Vernazza late Saturday morning. Upon arriving we took some time to explore the waterfront area before making our way to the trail entrance. We also spotted a gelateria on the way. I’ve never been one to turn down gelato and gladly stopped in to get a cone. A few minutes later we arrived at the entrance to the trail and our hike began.


At one point in our hike we came across this homeless cat refugee. Food and water are left there and hikers are encouraged to put out food for the cats in the morning.


We packed snacks and a lunch again, and found a waterfront spot to sit and eat after arriving in Monterosso. We were dismayed to find that there wasn’t much to see in Monterosso, though the beaches were nice. If you find yourself in Cinque Terre when the weather is good, Monterosso is a great place for a relaxing beach day.


We found a beach front café near the train station where we waited for the train. Back in La Spezia we finished out our evening at a restaurant near our Airbnb, where we yet again enjoyed pasta and tiramisu. Saturday night we finished packing to prepare for our departure the next day. Early Sunday morning we made our way to the train station to head back to France.

Cinque Terre was the perfect place to spend my first visit to Italy. The charm of the seaside villages coupled with great views and great company made for an amazing and memorable trip.


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