Paris au printemps // Paris in the springtime [Part 5]

IMAG4470 (2)

Day 3: Passy, Seine walk, Eiffel Tower, Champ de Mars, Place des Vosges, Place de la Bastille.

We started day 3 in Passy, a neighborhood in the 16th arrondissement. After meeting up with our friend Alex, Ted gave us a tour of his former stomping grounds. Passy is a generally wealthy neighborhood with notable residences. Yet you can also find parks, shopping, museums, and the Cimetière de Passy which is the final resting place of Debussy and Manet to name a few.

After a leisurely walk through the streets of Passy, we stopped at Monoprix to stock up for a picnic lunch on the Champ de Mars. Next stop: Tour Eiffel!

Along the way we walked the Pont de Grenelle to see a replica Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty was crafted by Bartholdi and gifted to the United States. The replica statue is on the Île aux Cygnes (Swan island), facing west toward the statue in New York.


From there we walked along the Seine to the Pont de Bir Hakeim, where we walked through the Viaduc de Passy to get a view of the Eiffel Tower from across the Seine. Views of the Tower from various vantage points are a must during your first visit to Paris.



Another stroll along the Seine finally brought us to the Eiffel Tower. Looking up while walking under the tower was a great experience after years of seeing photos from every possible angle.




After a lunch surrounded by others with the same idea in mind, we walked further along the Champ de Mars to get a better few of the Tower straight on. Once we were satisfied with the view our photoshoot began.


Having crossed off the major sites on our collective to-do list, we spent our afternoon catching up on things we had missed in the last few days: more shopping at Galeries Lafayette, Place des Vosges, crêpes on the Seine, and Place de la Bastille accompanied by a bit of rain.

IMAG4499 (2)
Our view of Notre Dame while eating crêpes

Place des Vosges was one of the first items on my list from the start. Interestingly enough Ted and Alex had never been there despite living in and visiting Paris several times, so it was an adventure for the three of us. I can easily say I would spend a significant amount of time there if I lived in Paris.

IMAG4510 (2)




It was clear the rain was coming so we made a quick trip to Place de la Bastille, the square where the former Bastille fortress once stood. Today you can see Le Colonne de Juillet (the July Column) standing in the center of the square. Such an important place in Parisian history is a must see when visiting Paris.

IMAG4536 (2)

The next morning we sent Ted off to the airport for his journey back to the States, then Alex and I enjoyed a casual lunch at a kebab restaurant on Boulevard des Batignolles between Rome and Villiers Métro stops. We had chicken shawarma wraps while sitting outside at a table conveniently placed in front of the desserts in the window. The owner must have spotted me staring longingly at the baklava because he brought out a piece for each of us for dessert. Unfortunately no amount of searching has lead me to remember the name of the place, but it may be Le Savoureux. From there we headed to the train station where I began my long journey back to Nice.

I had an amazing trip to Paris – everything I could have hoped for. My short time there sparked a desire to return to Paris as soon as possible. There is still so much to learn and explore. See you next time Paris!


Check out Ted’s vlog from our time in Paris:


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