Londres // London [Part 3]


Day 3: All about the food

Day three started out with an early morning breakfast at Breakfast Club in Borough Market. We set out at 8:30 and walked to Borough Market from our AirBnb. Breakfast food is my absolute favorite and the menu at Breakfast Club was calling my name. I was told by several Londoners that Borough Market is a must visit for breakfast, and with countless options I can easily see why. If you’re looking for something a bit different than your everyday sit down restaurant, you can grab a bite from a market stall while walking around.

After breakfast we made our way to Abbey Road by taking the underground from Waterloo Station to St. John’s Wood. I have to note that I only did this for my mom. I’m not a big Beatles fan, but when in Rome (or when your mother makes a special request from half way around the world). It was pouring rain from the second we stepped out of the tube until well after our photo shoot, but we weren’t the only ones braving the elements for our chance at a Beatles inspired photo op.


The crossing has a webcam set up that allows you to watch the crosswalk live. We gave my mom a call while en route and she was able to tune in and watch all the way from the States. Unfortunately there was some road work underway. It made for a bit of a struggle trying not to get construction cones in our photos, but overall it was a good experience. Don’t forget to stop by the Beatles Store on Baker Street for every type of memorabilia imaginable!

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE shopping. So of course, even though we spent a bit of the previous day shopping, we managed to squeeze more window shopping in.

The highlight of day three was Afternoon tea at the Wolsely. (*link to Wolsely site*) What comes to mind when you think of London, or England in general? Tea right? Stereotypical but afternoon tea was at the top of my list. Of course you have an endless number of options, ranging from casual and affordable to very formal, and by default much more expensive. We opted for something in the middle at the recommendation of Jocelyn, our host.

Reservations are key, though we were able to make ours just the day before.

If it was up to me, afternoon tea would be a work-day requirement. Good conversation over tea and cakes is a great way to recharge.


From the Wolsely we made our way to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge for another photo op. If you want to go inside the Tower of London you do have to pay. We opted to enjoy it briefly from the outside, before walking across the Tower Bridge to make our way back to our AirBnb for dinner.


Our hosts have something they call Webber Wednesdays. Every week they have friends over for Wednesday night dinner, much like myself, Liz, and Emilie did in France. They were incredibly kind and invited us to join in. We had dinner with an amazing group of friends from all over the world; Rwanda, Digne (France), Thailand, and even Minnesota. We capped the evening off with hazelnut gelato from Andrea’s shop. Webber Wednesday was the perfect end to our short time in London.

Travel Tip: Step out of your comfort zone and try something new! If we hadn’t booked a room in a flat with people living in, we would have missed out on the incredible experience of Webber Wednesday. These are the experiences that make travelling such a wonderful, enlightening adventure.

Up next: Roma and Venezia!



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