Rome [Part 1]


Ciao ragazzi ! From London my friend Karol and I got on a plane to Rome to explore the Eternal City. We flew into FCO (Fiumicino), arriving around 9:30 pm. Getting from FCO to the city center is very easy. Like most large European cities, the various transit systems are pretty well connected. After landing and shuttling to the main hall of the airport (in a very large, very empty bus, with nothing but poles to hold onto), we bought train tickets at a machine and hopped on the next train into Termini Station.

Screenshot (6)
As you can see on Google Maps, FCO, in the lower left corner, is just outside the city. 

We booked another AirBnb and this time around we were staying with Peppe and Flo in their third floor flat. Again, the couple had great reviews and the price was very affordable. After arriving at Termini Station, you can easily hop on the metro from within the station, get on the tram at a nearby stop, or walk to your destination if you aren’t too far. We were greeted by Peppe upon arrival, who gave us a tour of the flat. We weren’t the only renters staying there at the time, yet we never saw anyone other than Peppe and Flo throughout our stay. They also provided us with toiletries, towels, a hairdryer, and a few snacks in our room. Personal touches like this are always fun surprises!


After another long day we were ready for bed, prepared to get up early the next morning for a visit to Vatican City.

Travel Tip: Read the descriptions of your AirBnb rentals closely! Hosts will often list extra items they supply (i.e. hairdryers and towels). Less to pack means more room for things you buy along the way. You can always message your host as well just to double check.


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