Rome [Part 5]


We kicked off our last day in Rome by heading back to Zara to make an exchange. I could spend a lifetime shopping in Zara. Here I bought a grey tulle skirt that I wore to my cousins wedding last summer. Once the first order of business was out of the way we had another full day planned.

A stroll through Piazza Navona was next on our list. Along the way we stopped into several different churches we passed. If you’re in Rome I highly recommend going to see Chiesa di Sant’Ignazio at 8/a Via Caravita, one of the most beautiful churches I’ve experienced.


IMAG5350From there we made our way to the Piazza della Rotonda and the Pantheon, home to Raphael’s Renaissance-era tomb, among others. The Pantheon and its dome are gorgeous. Yet in my opinion it was not nearly as impressive as the churches we went into this day. Of course it was still worth the visit though.

After spending some time in the Pantheon and outside in Piazza della Rotonda, we had lunch at Napoletano’s restaurant. Again, everyone warns against eating in restaurants too near major tourist attractions, yet we ignored this advice and had a pleasant and affordable experience all the same. There were two other pairs of Americans sitting nearby who we spoke with. One pair was from Texas and the other from California. It’s amazing who you run into in all corners of the world.


Next on the list was a stop in at Sant’ Eustachio il Caffe (another recommendation of Jocelyn and Andrea) to fuel my coffee addiction. Cuisine has such a huge influence on where I travel and how I spend my time when traveling. I’m a foodie and a major coffee addict. When Jocelyn and Andrea recommended Sant’ Eustachio il Caffe, it took no effort at all to convince me that my suitcase would be filled with coffee beans when I left Italy.

From there we walked toward the river. We made our way back and forth over the Tiber on Ponte Umberto I and Ponte Sant’Angelo, snapping photos of Corte Suprema di Cassazione, Castel Sant’Angelo, and even the bridges themselves.

IMAG5416 (2)IMAG5428 (2)IMAG5448IMAG5446IMAG5440IMAG5433

We stopped into a nice leather shop on Via Tomacelli, just across Ponte Cavour, to pick up some gifts for friends and family on our way back to the AirBnb. We called it a night fairly early in order to gear up for the next stop on our trip.

Travel tip: Don’t let bad weather ruin your trip! You can’t control the weather so be prepared for anything and don’t be afraid to splash around in some puddles.

Up next: Venice!


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