Venice [Part 1]


We left Rome for Venice on Monday morning. We took the 10:15 train from Roma Termini to Venezia Maestre. Maestre is just off the island; from Maestre you can connect to Venezia Santa Lucia Station which is actually on the island. The island is also accessible by bus.

We arrived at Maestre at 2:00 pm. It’s both affordable and easy to take a train from Rome to Venice and vice versa.  Our Airbnb, Conte Rosso B+B, run by Giulio and Gabriela, was a short walk from the train station. Conte Rosso B+B is a three bedroom apartment with separate bathrooms, a common space entryway, and breakfast included. The apartment was clean and updated, and the hosts were friendly. There were other guests staying at the same time but we only saw them in passing.

We chose to stay off the island to save money, knowing that accessing the island by bus is incredibly easy. After getting the run-down on our Airbnb, we set out for the bus stop around the corner. You can buy daily or weekly passes for the bus. We opted for a few daily passes since we were only in Venice for two days. Buses 4 and 4L run frequently, with arrivals every ten minutes.

After a short bus ride we got off at Piazzale Roma on the island and headed for the Vaporettos, intent on visiting one of the other islands off Venice – Murano. Murano is known for its glass blowers. You may have seen photos of the brightly colored buildings that characterize the next island, Burano. Lido is another island off Venice, known for its beaches. We had no plans for how to go about our two days in Venice, and decided on Burano on the bus ride over. At the northern edge of Piazzale Roma you’ll find the ticket office where you can buy Vaporetto passes and tickets.


We got on a Vaporetto at Piazzale Roma just behind the ticket office and got off at the Museo stop on Burano. From Pizzale Roma you can take the 3 or the 4.1 to Murano. The island was very quiet and calm. Few people were out and the shops were due to close not long after we got there. We went into the first few shops we passed, then spent the next hour or so strolling through the quiet streets and alleyways.



On our Vaporetto ride back to Venice we chatted with a mother and daughter travelling together from Holland. We spent a short time walking around the main island, then settled on a restaurant for dinner. The pesto was amazing but the highlight was definitely the tiramisu and macchiato after our meal.


Travel tip: Don’t feel like you have to plan every second of every day. Sometimes hopping on a boat with a vague destination in mind is the way to go.

Up next: Venice Day 2.


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